When I was little, I used to sit on my grandpa's lap and watch football.  I remember seeing something that had a police officer in the show and asking about what that was. (I was very little). My grandpa also read books about cool police officers and all the crimes they solved.  My grandpa had always wanted to be a police officer his entire life.  He couldn't be one...mostly because by the age of 24 he had six children and a wife to feed.  He became a bus driver.  He retired from Greyhound and then retired again from Dial-A-Ride in Manistee Michigan.  When I got older, I knew in my heart that Law Enforcement was the job I would have.  

Through the years of struggling, grandpa always helped me get through.  In the academy I would call him every day on my way there and on my way home.  A lot of times on my way home I would be crying that it was so hard.  He supported me and told me never to let the boys win and that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  I finished the academy and got hired at a Sheriff's Department.  Every single day I went to work I called my grandpa to say hello and every day on my way home I would call him....sometimes crying about what I had saw that day.

I never told my grandpa what I saw but he knew that I just needed support.  HE was my rock and I believe he lived vicariously through me and my career always knowing that he wanted to be a cop too.  He never got the chance but I did.  I lost my grandpa and find myself wanting to call him and tell him about my day.  I don't have him anymore.  Now all I have is my brothers and sisters that walk this line with me and who are there to support me.  

Thank you grandpa for helping me be the person I am today and I promise that as I wear this badge, you are watching my six from above. I love you gramps.  Thank you

In Memory of Keith Howard Tughan

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